3D Laser Scanning

Professional 3D measurement services in Lithuania. Quick turnaround, support throughout the project, 2D and 3D modelling from pointclouds

Get accurate 3D data for your project

lazerinis skenavimas

Reconstruction projects

3D laser scanning is often used to document existing conditions of a structure. It is then easy to convert pointcloud into accurate floor plans, sections, facade drawings or 3D models. 

BIM projects

Laser scanning is a great tool to validate construction work when used during the construction process.  Overlaying the poincloud over the project model allows you to identify discrepancies and adjust the model if needed.

lazerinis skenavimas pramone

Industrial projects

Pointcloud data is especially useful when the project needs precise position of complex structures, pipes, machinery and etc. High resolution poincloud will ensure accurate models when designing around existing elements. 

CAD drawings

3D scanning is a great tool to acquire data needed for accurate floor plans, section and facade drawings. 

turiu matavimai

Volumetric measurements

Combining laser scanning and drone data we are able to measure volumes of stockpiles, both indoor and outdoor. 

3D mesh modelis

HQ 3D mesh models

Combining laser scan data with photogrammetry we can deliver geometrically accurate 3D models with photorealistic textures.

Benefits of laser scanning

Reduced rework

Modelling using a poincloud will ensure that designed elements will fit the first time.

Quick turnaround

Measurements using a laser scanner are much quicker than traditional methods.

Safe measurements

Laser scanning is done without direct contact with the object, it allows for minimal disruption to everyday site operations.

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